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LocalConnection Bug In IE — September 29, 2011

LocalConnection Bug In IE

If you’re planning to communicate two Flash movies using the LocalConnection class and constantly removing the other Flash movie by removing its HTML tag container, you need to close the connection first.  Unlike Firefox, IE has a tendency to store the previously opened connections.  Otherwise you’ll have a connection that looks like it’s intermittent or on a certain on and off interval every time you open a new connection.

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Using htmlText in Flash AS3 CS Versions —

Using htmlText in Flash AS3 CS Versions

There’s a tricky part in using the htmlText property of a text field when using any latest versions of Flash.  One thing to point out is that if you’re not using an embedded font to render an htmlText property of a text field, its  only available characters will depend on another text field that’s being on the stage that’s not using htmlText.  Try this:

1.  Place two dynamic TextFields in the stage and name one as myTextField

2.  In the Actions Panel, type in myTextField.htmlText = “<b>hello world</b>”;

3.  Go back to the stage and manually enter a text to the TextField that has no instance name.  Try placing just one letter like “o” without the quotes

4.  Preview the movie and see what happens to the myTextField’s value and the style.  Looks weird huh!

So, to correctly use htmlText, do the following:

1.  Embed the needed fonts

2.  Use device fonts

*A note on device fonts is that they won’t work on masking.