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WordPress.Org Plugins I Usually Need — June 15, 2015

WordPress.Org Plugins I Usually Need

These are my personal choices and the ones I normally use when creating new projects. Of course, there are other items like PayPal, Facebook Comments, eCommerce and such. But these items are a bit tricky to find and remember:

  1. Custom Post Type – to create different post types such as posts, pages, ads, etc.
  2. Advanced Custom fields – to create different form fields per page
  3. Duplicator – used for replicating everything from localhost all the way to an online hosting server
  4. Nav Menu Roles – allows freedom to determine which menu items are shown based on user log sessions
  5. User Role Editor – provides a way to create new user types, roles and permissions
  6. Pie Register – provides generic pages for user pages such as login, register, forgot password
  7. Role Scoper