Singled Out

CMS for bidding and artwork, CodeIgniter, CSS3, Slick, PrettyPhoto, GMaps API, jQuery, Foundation Framework.

Necessary Stage

PyroCMS, CSS3, PrettyPhoto, jQuery.

fFurious Mobile

CodeIgniter, jQuery, Foundation Framework, MailChimp.

Each A Cup

Offline kiosk using Flash, ActionScript 3, Photoshop.

Asia Deal Box

Custom CMS, CodeIgniter, Foundation Framework, jQuery.

Bikram Yoga Katong

CodeIgniter, CSS3, jQuery, MailChimp.

The Black Swan

XAMPP, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery.


Flash, ActionScript 3, XML.

YM Projects SG

PHP, CSS3, jQuery, HTML5.

Affirm AP

HTML5, jQuery, CSS3.

XhoSux and Lucifugous

Custom CMS, PayPal, jQuery, CSS3.

Tuv-Sud Interactive Map

HTML5, Flash, ActionScript 3, CreateJS Toolkit, XML, JSON.

Tactile Textiles

PHP, jQuery, CSS3, LightBox.

Singapore Biennale 2013

CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, GMap API.

Car VS. Wild Micro Site and Game (no image of the game as of the moment)

Flash, ActionScript 3, HTML5, CSS3, FB API, WCK Framework, jQuery, JSON, CodeIgniter.

Contraband Mystery Game

Created 10 Hidden Object games, Spot It games, Jumble games and Catch The Falling Object games  using Flash CS4 / AS3, Zinc 3.0, Photoshop and XML.

Morph AppCloud

Developed a web application platform editor using Flash CS3 / ActionScript 2 on a Ruby on Rails server through XML that enable users to create web instances such as Firewalls, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, Load Balancers, ActiveMQ, Java and PHP application servers for cloud computing using Amazon S3 servers.

Morph AppSpace Flash Diagram and Video Manager

Created several product demos such as AppCloud, AutoApps and Java Deployments, AppSpace for Facebook, Rails Deployment using GIT, Rails Deployment using SVN, ECM Overview and more for the corporate website Resources that can be played to the Flash Video Playlist Organizer using Flash CS3 / ActionScript 2 and Video Flash CS3 Encoder.

Morph Website Maintenance using Drupal and Ruby On Rails

Developed the CMS based website using Drupal 6, JavaScript, CSS and MySQL with web forms that are linked to SugarCRM using PHP, Drupal 6, JavaScript, CSS and MySQL, Ruby on Rails website interface and PostgreSQL.

CMS-Based Flash Ads

Impact Engine’s CMS-based, customizable Flash ad web template that are interactive and Advertising Bureau standards compliant. Some features include games, dynamic audio and video updates. Everyday, my team creates 3 different size versions per ad along with a PDF user manual using JavaScript, XML, Photoshop, InDesign, CSS, Flash AS2, Adobe Extension Manager.


Project Omega

My first job. A Flash based E-learning web application that supports audio and video served under Java and Visual Basic for online and local versions. Visual Basic, Flash / ActionScript 2, XML, CSS, XSLT and XPath.


Cleverlearn application using Flash, XML, C++ and Java. Most of my tasks in these games are maintenance such as bug fixes, UI enhancements, addition of international language support and more.


* I apologize for most of the heavy images. I’ll reduce them once I have enough time.